This Platform is a pool of resources for UNICEF staff and professionals interested on working towards the Strengthening of the Enabling Environment (EE) for WASH.


Here, you will find:

  • A Guidance Note that defines EE for WASH, identifies functions, and present its support process;
  • A List of Tools that are cross cutting and function specific to conduct assessments and analyses;
  • A Learning channel on AGORA, where you can find UNICEF’s face to face training workshop description and contact link for applying;
  • An e-Course on AGORA, based on the Guidance Note, that you can complete at your own pace;
  • A Library area that encompasses ALL recommended resources listed on the Guidance Note and other pertinent and constantly updated references and information;
  • A Webinars page that presents the SEE4WASH webinar series, so you can access supporting materials, video recordings, and presentations and links to other relevant webinars; and,
  • A YAMMER Group which is a collaborative space to share experiences, discuss, and learn ways of improving EE governance functions for sustainable WASH service delivery for all.

As we are all busy working to translate the SDG 6 water and sanitation using EE as means of its implementation, we are confident this Platform with its features will help us engage more, learn from each other, and communicate across borders to better support countries, therefore, YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS & FEEDBACK ARE ESSENTIAL!

Feel free to contact me, to request information, to share material or experiences!

David Tsetse, Ph. D.
Specialist, WASH Section, Programme Division – UNICEF
14th floor – 3 UN Plaza, New York 10173
Tel: +1 917 265 4663