1st Webinar – This Online Platform!!! (video & presentation)

*click on the pic to download all material!
Dear all, hello!
The link to assess the video of our first Webinar, so you can see our “Take Home Messages”:
  • You now have a “Hub of Information” – The Online Platform, where you find ample material, courses and a network of professionals to support your work on strengthening the EE for WASH; and,
  • We strongly recommend you to “Work Out Loud” – narrate and share your work frequently, let others enrich your work, and collaborate openly! Build this community with us!

We’d quite like to hear your feedback on its use and how we can improve it. Here’s a brief summary of the Q & A and Comments during the Webinar, and afterwards, by e-mails & posts.

I’d like to THANK YOU all for the warm welcome & participation during our first Webinar!! 65 of you joined us and we are overjoyed with the amazing repercussion. We’ve attached the presentation: PDF versions in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish (and their PPT format). This material is available so you can use it in your own offices, discuss it, send to colleagues that you think may be interested. Please, if you feel you want to know more, let me know and we’ll continue our great interaction, here or @ our Yammer SEE4WASH Group!


(this was our “SAVE THE DATE” for the 1st Webinar of the series!!  – we made it pretty so you would’ve printed it out & hanged it at the office!   =-)

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