[Supporting Material]: WASH Accountability Mapping Tools – Accountability for Sustainability Partnership

This brochure provides an overview of methods for assisting groups in understanding accountability relations in their WASH context and planning improvement actions. It has been produced under the “Accountability for Sustainability” programme, a partnership between the UNDP/SIWI Water Governance Facility and UNICEF which aims to increase the sustainability of WASH interventions by enhancing accountability in the service delivery framework. The Accountability mapping tools are built upon the accountability framework, the generic set-up of institutional responsibilities in public service provision. These tools can be conducted as a quick accountability mapping at the sector level, or as an in-depth accountability diagnosis at the service delivery level. They have proved successful in stimulating debates on the governance, scope and solutions to unsustainable benefits of WASH programmes. It encourages WASH professionals to reflect on these issues, and to look for new ways to improve the sustainability of programmes. In particular, it has been successfully conducted during WASH-BAT exercises to facilitate sector diagnosis and prioritization. (Link)

UNICEF, UNDP Water Governance Facility at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). 2016. WASH Accountability Mapping Tools – Accountability for Sustainability Partnership. 5 p.

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