27. First Annual WASH Joint Sector Review Monrovia, Liberia – Final Report

The first annual Joint Sector Review (JSR) of Liberia brought together water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) stakeholders from government ministries and agencies, national and international partners and the private sector. Together over two days, participants presented and discussed progress on the four strategic objectives (SO) laid out in the Sector Strategic Plan (SSP), 2012-2017 through analysis of the priority activities included in the Sector Operations Matrix (SOM). The SOM, which identifies expected outcomes, lead institutions and timeframes, served as the main tool for recording progress from 2012. Participants explored all the priority activities through general presentations and focused breakout sessions, and discussed the two major challenges to achieving WASH targets in Liberia: funding and capacity to implement.  The JSR should continue to report through the SSP format while the Ministry of Public Works, lead on the WASH sector in the Agenda for Transformation (AfT) process, will be responsible for transposing progress on priority activities into the Aft reporting template. (Link)

Hall, C.; Schmizter, J. 2012. First Annual WASH Joint Sector Review Monrovia, Liberia – Final Report. UNICEF, WASH Liberia, Government of the Republic of Liberia. 128 p.


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