23. Nigeria Water Sector Roadmap – Executive Summary

The relevance of water to Nigeria’s national development has progressively increased over the years with rapid population growth, urbanisation, agriculture and industrial development. The imbalance in the water infrastructure development, population increase and rapid urbanisation rates has created a serious deficiency in the quality of life of an average Nigerian with its dire consequence on sanitation, food, security, health, employment and standard of living. It is the recognition of this critical issue and gap that led to the necessity for the re-birth of the Nigerian water sector reform. In view of this, strategies have been developed for different time frames (short-, medium-, and long-term) dovetailed into specific projects and programmes which are believed will facilitate the achievement of the overall objective for the sector. This roadmap articulates the objective of the Federal Government in developing the nation’s water resources towards the actualization of the sector’s potentials over time. (Link)

Federal Government of Nigeria. 2011. Nigeria Water Sector Roadmap – Executive Summary. 49 p.


One thought on “23. Nigeria Water Sector Roadmap – Executive Summary

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