98. Sanitation Monitoring Toolkit

This website provides sanitation and hygiene sector professionals  with access to current approaches to sanitation monitoring, including guidance on how to use various monitoring instruments and links to the latest tools and resources. The focus is on rural sanitation. Monitoring and evaluation in the sanitation and hygiene sub-sector aims to: measure and ensure that inputs and activities lead to their intended results and outcomes; and, adjust course where necessary and establish whether progress is being made towards a given goal. The toolkit has been organized into seven thematic areas with links that give a more detailed description of each and how the tools can support specific areas of interest. Areas: monitoring the enabling environment; monitoring national sanitation access; monitoring Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS); monitoring equity; monitoring sustainability and sector performance; monitoring sanitation marketing; and, monitoring Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in schools. The website brings together current thinking and practice in monitoring sanitation across various topics. Each topic contain links to current reports, protocols and tools that measure and analyse progress, outcomes and results of rural sanitation programmes, interventions and services. (Link)

UNICEF. 2017. Sanitation Monitoring Toolkit. Web Page  [Accessed in January, 2017].


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