94. How to Set up a WASH Joint Sector Review – For WASH Officers in Countries

A Joint Sector Review (JSR) is a process in which all key sectoral stakeholders review and assess national sector progress, usually once a year. JSR outputs include the report, which serves as a key point of reference on progress in the sector, and a set of actionable recommendations. The most effective JSRs are results-based, structured around previously agreed indicators for progress. In some countries, regular JSRs are an initial step for the eventual setting-up of a sector-wide approach to programming (SWAp) for the WASH sector. JSRs can be difficult to set up in countries where the sector is not well-coordinated. However, many countries have made significant efforts to address sector coordination and are now planning JSRs. This “How to” pages provide tips to help a better organization of WASH joint sector reviews, with considerations regarding the phase before the review with key points in the agenda and a list of suggested participants; the phase during the review with an example of typical JSR meeting agenda; and, the phase after the review. Additionally, it also presents a list of resources. (Link)

UNICEF. 2015. How to Set up a WASH Joint Sector Review – For WASH Officers in Countries. 4 p.


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