89. Guidance on the Development of Programme Strategy Notes

Programme Strategy Notes are developed for a country programme, a programme component, or a programme area (sanitation and hygiene, child health), depending on the size and complexity of the Country Programme. They describe the multi-year strategy(ies) that UNICEF will pursue to achieve the results outlined in the Country Programme Document (CPD). Their development and use are best achieved through engagement with partners. Strategy Notes are structured around six core sections: 1) prioritization, which outlines the evidence-based rationale for the choice of programme issues to address; 2) the Theory of Change for the programme component which describes how the programme results will be achieved; 3) the programme component’s Outcome and Output results structure; 4) mechanisms for monitoring progress on output and outcome results; 5) the programme component’s resource requirements; and, 6) the identification of significant external risks to the programme component, and the anticipated risk reduction or mitigation efforts the programme will pursue should the risks actually materialize. The Notes are expected to be updated periodically, and kept relevant to serve evolving programming needs. They should also be a key reference in annual review and work planning exercises. (Link)

UNICEF. 2015. Guidance on the Development of Programme Strategy Notes. 11 p.


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