83. Water and Sanitation Monitoring Platform (WSMP) Nigeria – Country Summary Sheet

At national level, government sectoral monitoring systems are inadequate to properly inform decisions on national sector investments, sub-sector resource allocation, sub-national disbursing, accountability of funds and actual disbursement. Equally, civil society does not have access to user-friendly, relevant information it needs to become a full partner in the sector. Generally, data streams are not harmonized and sector data literacy is poor. The resulting situation is a vicious rather than virtuous circle. The potential for good sector monitoring impacting on resource allocation is lost at all levels. This has prompted the establishment of an independent sectoral monitoring mechanism: the Water and Sanitation Monitoring Platform (WSMP). The WSMP carries out the following activities: monitors trends in coverage; helps built national monitoring capacity; map out the existing data and information streams relevant to the sector; inform policy makers, civil society and other stakeholder on the status of water supply and sanitation sector in the country. The overall objective of the WSMP is to contribute to accelerated progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) targets on safe drinking water and basic sanitation, and to ensure a pro-poor focus for drinking water and sanitation in the country. (Link)

UNICEF. 2008. Water and Sanitation Monitoring Platform (WSMP) Nigeria – Country Summary Sheet. 8 p.


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