79. Value for Money Analysis of DFID-Funded WASH Programmes in Six Countries – Synthesis Report

This report presents summary findings from the Value for Money (VfM) analysis conducted for six Department for International Development/UK (DFID)-funded programmes (2013 – 2015) in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Zambia. Based on these findings, the report formulates insights on how VFM analysis can be used to improve WASH programming. We identify challenges in doing such analysis and formulate recommendations to overcome these challenges to bring VfM analysis into the mainstream. The project had two main objectives: to identify how VfM and sustainability can be improved in DFID-funded WASH programmes through operational research in the six countries; and, to assess the sustainability of rural WASH services in Africa and South Asia by carrying out nationally representative household surveys in four countries, alongside gathering secondary data for a larger group of countries. It concludes by stating that the WASH sector requires a strategic change in culture: programme funders and implementers should start demanding more robust metrics for evaluating performance and supporting funding decisions, without losing sight of the other essential elements which cannot always be measured, such as the equity and cultural acceptability of programmes. The involvement of funders is essential to promote a VfM culture within the sector. (Link)

Trémolet, S.; Prat, M.A.; Tincani, L.; Ross, I.; Mujica, A.; Burr, P.; Evans, B. 2015. Value for Money Analysis of DFID-Funded WASH Programmes in Six Countries – Synthesis Report. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), OXFAM, Oxford Policy Management, University of Leeds, UKAid. 60 p.


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