75. SustainableWASH.org – Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool

In 2010, over 40 organizations at the first Sustainability Forum discussed WASH services at scale. In 2011, 100 stakeholders from over 50 organizations developed a common set of sustainability principles, which became the WASH Sustainability Charter. Sustainability has become a common topic as organizational practices and programmatic work shift from individual projects to sustainable services. In early 2012, individuals from a consortium of organizations built on previous work and created SustainableWASH.org as a dynamic hub for the sustainability conversation. This tool is designed to be used by organizations that implement WASH services and interventions. It focuses on the organizations’ internal policies and practices; it is NOT designed to assess sustainability at the level of individual projects. Organizations can use the tool at the local, regional, country or headquarters level. The results will help measure your organization’s performance across four guiding areas, revealing where policies and practices support sustainable WASH and the opportunities for improvement. For areas that can be improved, the tool provides resources from the SustainableWASH.org database. The sustainability self-assessment tool is designed to provide a general framework. As such each organization’s context will be unique and requires individual consideration of the questions. (Link)

Walter, E.; Lockwood, H.; Banks, B. 2017. SustainableWASH.org – Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool. WASH Advocates, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre/Aguaconsult, Global Water Challenge. Web Page [Accessed in January, 2017].


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