74. Financing Sanitation for Cities and Towns – Learning Paper

SNV commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney, to co-create a user-friendly resource based on a desktop review of leading literature. The paper has been prepared for an audience of advisors, planners and people facilitating urban sanitation without easy access to financing, especially upfront capital. It aims to bring together existing information to clarify principles, show examples of ways others have financed sanitation and demonstrate what is possible. The learning paper has used the OECD’s Innovative Financing Mechanisms for the Water Sector (2010) as a core reference, complemented by other resources. The findings from the literature review are complemented from an online ‘DGroup’ discussion organised by SNV on the topic of ‘financing for urban sanitation investment’. The focus of this paper is on access to the upfront finance and other ‘lumpy’ finance needs, for initial investment and for rehabilitation/replacement as physical systems approach their end of life. This focus is not a denial of the importance of the relatively smaller and ongoing funding required on a day-to-day and short-term basis, but rather, a recognition that their financing is qualitatively different. The paper concludes with ‘take home messages’, and invites readers to try their hand at applying these to design an innovative financing scheme for their own context, using the template provided. (Link)

Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF); University of Technology Sydney (UTS). 2014. Financing Sanitation for Cities and Towns – Learning Paper. SNV Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene for All – Urban Program (SSH4AUrban) Netherlands Development Organisation. 47 p.


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