67. 25 tools for WASH Sustainability Tools

25 tools for WASH sustainability assessment have been summarised in practical 1-pagers. These tools are part of a broader sustainability tools review detailed in a specific Working Paper 10 (also available in this Platform as reference “2”: Schweitzer, R.; Grayson, C.; Lockwood, H. 2014. Mapping of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sustainability Tools – Working Paper 10. Aguaconsult, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, Triple-s. 43 p.). These 1-pagers describe sustainability assessment tools for WASH interventions. The 25 tools described were reviewed as part of the Triple-S project and their 1-page summaries can be downloaded by clicking on the links provided on this Web Page. The assessment included a review of over 220 tools. The working paper presents the 25 tools with clear content and a methodology for understanding, measuring, or predicting sustainability. The paper can also be downloaded. The tools are organized as follows: project or programme tools, sector tools, technology or infrastructure focus, and other (basin, community, organization). Organizations/individual responsible for each tool are also provided. (Link)

IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre. 2017. 25 WASH Sustainability Tools. Triple-s. Web Page [Accessed in January, 2017].


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