54. Liberia Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector: Capacity Development Plan

(Link)These plans are products of the reform process in the Liberian water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector, driven by the Liberia WASH Compact commitments to improve sector capacity and financing mechanisms. The capacity development plan proposes a mix of methodologies: educational upgrades, development of sector-specific block training courses with ongoing mentoring and practice, action research/pilots, scholarships and internships, support for improving teaching and learning materials, development of a practical training centre, procurement of equipment and logistics, development of processes and systems, and preparation of guidelines and strategies. A key recommendation is that funding should be sought to engage a dedicated specialist WASH Sector CD Support Team. It is proposed that the plan should be monitored on an annual basis in line with the Annual Sector Review and the monitoring of the Sector Strategic Plan and the Compact. What is clear is that although significant effort and progress has been, and is continuing to be made, on capacity development of the WASH sector in Liberia; that in a fragile state context, raising the capacity of the sector up to its pre-war status and developing it further so that it will be able to expand and sustain Liberia’s WASH services, will require significant resources over the time period of this plan and beyond.

Government of the Republic of Liberia. 2010. Liberia Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Sector: Capacity Development Plan. Capacity Development Task Force of the Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs/Ministry of Finance, National Water Supply Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion Committee of the Ministry of Public Works, Government of Japan, UNICEF, WASH Liberia. 73 p.


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