44. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Second Joint Sector Review (JSR) – Technical Report

Main purpose of the Joint Sector Review was to assess sector performance, and constraints in regard to policy and its operational ground on promoting WASH sector with the concept of sector wide approach. Based on this objective, the review has set a slogan “Sector Harmonization and One WASH Plan” in the country for achieving the set goal “Universal Access of Water and Sanitation by 2017”. About fifty agencies including Governments, Development Partners, International Non Governmental Organizations, and National Non Governmental Organizations & Civil Societies participated in the process. Joint Sector Review process culminated in two days conference in 2014.  This technical report comprises of resolution passed by conference on various themes, Summary paper of eight Thematic Working Groups (TWG) and five Learning Visit Team (LVT). Summary report of TWG contains introduction, situation analysis, recommendations and action plan. Similarly summary report of LVT contains regional situation, thematic findings, and three to four case studies as best practices or lesson learned and way forwards. Finally there is action plan for Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit (SEIU) for keep moving the spirit of JSR process and for coordinating implementation of all recommendations keeping TWG alive. This document will be guiding documents till next full JSR in 2016. (Link)

Ministry of Urban Development of Nepal – Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit. 2014. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Second Joint Sector Review (JSR) – Technical Report. 48 p.


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