113. Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF): Capacity Needs Assessment Tool

The Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) programme aims to increase the capacity and resources of civil society in 16 targeted countries (across Africa, Asia and Central America) and 31 civil society organisations (CSOs) and CSO networks. To identify and support partners’ capacity needs, a GTF working group has been established to develop a systematic capacity needs assessment (CNA) tool that can be used by GTF partners and others. These guidance notes provide an overview of how to use the CNA tool in a group setting, explaining some of its key features and highlighting key considerations for leading the assessment process. The tool is presented as a form of cumulative Likert scale with ‘grades’ one to four representing a progression in thinking and practice. In brief, the idea is to read through and consider each section and sub-section and to use the grades to determine where the organisation actually fits. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in terms of ‘answering’ the sub-sections and the grades do not represent an indicator of performance. The aim is that partners use the grades to identify where they are now and to stimulate debate around what a realistic but ideal set of skills might be and what improvements could usefully be made to get the organisation to that point. (Link)

Keatman, T. 2012. Governance and Transparency Fund: Capacity Needs Assessment Tool. UKAid, WaterAid, Freshwater Action Network (FAN),  Department for International Development/UK (DFID). 68 p.


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