112. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) – Sector Performance Report

This report has been prepared by government and NGO staff from the main ministries and agencies responsible for WASH in Liberia. There are many organizations striving to improve WASH services across Liberia and for the first time, a Sector Performance Report (SPR) has been prepared to capture and present sector efforts, with particular focus on the activities and outcomes in 2013. Progress on the SPR has been incremental with progress in some areas, but a number of constraints in others, which are detailed in this report: 17 activities have been completed (up from 13 in 2012), 80 activities on-going, and 46 activities are yet to commence. Overall, this SPR shows progress in many areas, but also many challenges that are still to be overcome. Across the board, the main recommendations are: improving information flows within and between ministries, agencies and partners; WASH needs to be further up the national political agenda to attract stronger leadership and support to the implementing ministries and agencies; the budgets allocated to WASH activities need to be increased and easier to access; the “expected results” in the Sector Strategic Plan need to be reviewed and re-prioritized in the light of the sector’s performance over the last year, to make the goals more realistically achievable; in future, the Sector Performance Report should be aligned to the fiscal year for Liberia (July-June). (Link)

Government of the Republic of Liberia. 2014. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) – Sector Performance Report. WASH Liberia. 138 p.


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