[Supporting Material] Enabling Environment and Water Governance

This briefing note provides a conceptual framework for understanding the governance of water and sanitation (WASH) services in the context of the broader Enabling Environment for effective and sustainable WASH service delivery. It draws on elements of Enabling Environment and Water Governance perspectives with a view to ease the conversation and understanding pertaining to the needs of the WASH sector. The context in a country sets the stage on which sustained and effective water and sanitation services can be developed. Stakeholders are adapting to and influence the context they operate in, and it has major implications on how country and external support agencies promote sustainable and scalable solutions. Influencing what is within reach for stakeholders and adapting to what cannot easily be influenced demands a strategic and dynamic look at WASH service delivery. WASH stakeholders need to address sustainability and efficiency of services as more than a technical challenge. (Link)

Jiménez , A.; LeDeunff, H.; Avello, P.; Scharp, C. 2015. Enabling Environment and Water Governance. UNICEF, UNDP Water Governance Facility at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). 7 p.


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