[Supporting Material] WASH Sustainability Forum Conference Report

Beyond the difficulty reaching universal WASH coverage and achieving the MDG targets by 2015, the challenge maintaining WASH services in the long term is now recognised as of critical importance for the sector and calls for a break away from the “business as usual” approach. At the 2014 WASH Sustainability Forum, the challenge of public investment wasted in WASH systems that break down soon after the end of the project or fail to perform to their agreed level of service, was highlighted keynote addresses, where overviews of measures taken by organisations were given. While significant progress has been made through these events, many organizations still have difficulties translating broad discussions into programming. Additionally, these fora have seen a focus placed on sustainability for water services, with limited attention to sanitation and hygiene. Building off of previous events, the 2014 WASH Sustainability Forum provided a platform for introducing practical approaches and tools for applying sanitation, hygiene, and water sustainability  principles. (Link)

Aguaconsult; Global Water Challenge; IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre; Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands, Directorate-General for International Cooperation (DGIS); UNICEF; SustainableWASH.org; WASH Advocates; Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) – The World Bank. 2014. WASH Sustainability Forum Conference Report. 22 p.


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